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Devoted to Fun!

It is so much easier to be spontaneous in the summer. Probably because we don’t have the same intensely rigid daily schedule that comes with the school year. More flexibility in our schedule means more opportunities for playtime! Last night I joined a spur-of-the-moment football-throwing contest. Two weeks ago I tried water skiing (successfully! that’s […]

Slow Down & Savor Summer

I love August. The daylight lingers just long enough that we can enjoy extra summer activities once the workday is over. We often sneak over to the beach around 7 PM for a quick swim to cool off on a hot summer night. And our usual 20 minute evening stroll around the block takes an […]

Be a Firework

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! We are getting ready to celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S. of A. I really look forward to watching fireworks. Don’t you love a good fireworks display? You hear the launch, and then wait…. When the sky lights up with the beautiful display of light, color and sound, we all […]

Take a Break from Your Routine

This month, in lieu of my usual tele class, I am offering an opportunity of a different sort. On June 12th, I challenge you to walk away from your office, shut off your smart phone, log off the laptop, and spend one hour doing something that gives you joy and pause.  From 11:30 a.m. until […]

It’s February. Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Will you be leaping out of your burrow ready to go regardless of what you see? Or will you be diving back into the darkness for a bit more quiet restoration? I am pretty sure that the groundhogs around here will forecasting more snow and cold. It has been a wild, wacky winter. And yet, […]