Retreat: An Essential Daily Practice

It is a gray and chilly day here in Minnesota. Every now and then a few snowflakes drift by. What a perfect day for a retreat!
Today in the Growing Edge Teleclass, my friend and Retreat Coach Extraordinaire, Michelle Burns, treated us to a lovely mini-retreat. She guided us to an inner landscape of renewal; helping each one of us experience a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful retreat. Here is where I went…

In less than 10 minutes, we felt refreshed and refueled.


All of us left the teleclass with a renewed commitment to carve out some sacred down time each day. Some people will be taking walks in nature. Others will be creating time to meditate. Still others decided to create Technology Free Zones during their week. I renewed my commitment to no screen time for 30 minutes before bed each day.

With the barrage of constant connectivity from cell phones, emails, mp3 players, texting, iPads, laptops, etc. — we need down time to reconnect with ourselves to know who we are and what we want.

How are you going to create a retreat for yourself today?

Click on the comment link below and tell me!

PS. If you want a two hour time block for yourself, join Michelle and me for a VIRTUAL RETREAT on November 20. Click here for the details

The Importance of Retreat

“When was the last time you went on retreat?”

When my friend and retreat coach Michelle Burns asked me that question, I was stumped.  Who me? I couldn’t possibly take time for a retreat. I have too many projects to do and looming work deadlines.  Our household routine is jammed with homework, soccer, piano, chores.  Where would I find the time?

BAM!  It hit me — I really could benefit from a retreat!

Join me on November 10th when I host a conversation with Retreat Coach Michelle Burns, CEO and founder of Design Your Destiny.  We will visit the importance of retreat and treat you to a mini-retreat.  Come explore this innovative, counter-cultural tool that will inspire your growing edge.

AND — we will be share details about our upcoming VIRTUAL RETREAT for RENEWAL — which we will be hosting on November 20th.


Register for THE WISDOM OF RETREAT in This event is a teleclass.  on Eventbrite