The Importance of Retreat

“When was the last time you went on retreat?”

When my friend and retreat coach Michelle Burns asked me that question, I was stumped.  Who me? I couldn’t possibly take time for a retreat. I have too many projects to do and looming work deadlines.  Our household routine is jammed with homework, soccer, piano, chores.  Where would I find the time?

BAM!  It hit me — I really could benefit from a retreat!

Join me on November 10th when I host a conversation with Retreat Coach Michelle Burns, CEO and founder of Design Your Destiny.  We will visit the importance of retreat and treat you to a mini-retreat.  Come explore this innovative, counter-cultural tool that will inspire your growing edge.

AND — we will be share details about our upcoming VIRTUAL RETREAT for RENEWAL — which we will be hosting on November 20th.


Register for THE WISDOM OF RETREAT in This event is a teleclass.  on Eventbrite

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