What Is Possible?

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  1. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    I do now that “anything is possible” is not true. But so many things are possible: Striving, making an effort, reaching. I used to dream of being the best, the most accomplished, the most famous. Not anymore, I know the possibilities lie in the attempt. It’s the process not the product. That knowledge frees up all sorts of possibilities for me to discover – instead of putting blinders on and only seeing the outcome – I see the growth, stretching, openness that comes from living in the movement of the moment.

  2. Erica Ross-Krieger
    Erica Ross-Krieger says:

    Glad you started this video blog and the monthly questions!
    I’m happy to say my answer to “What is Possible?” is: “Anything!” and really mean it. I’ve said the words plenty of times before, but lately, I absolutely get it that anything is possible and that it’s only my small thinking that limits and stops that happening. When I show up and hold open the space for awesome things happening, I step aside and watch them come in. Seriously. I know it sounds Pollyanna-like, but it has been my actual experience lately.
    Here’s to possibilities!

  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    I guess that anything we allow ourselves to believe in is possible. But we have to make the space to believe that it is possible and then do the work to achieve it!

  4. Mary Moga
    Mary Moga says:

    It is possible to believe in myself, even if some of myself doesn’t have all that much confidence. It’s possible to make changes when I remember that changes can be made. (And on the flip side, it’s also possible to deceive myself into believing that change is im-possible.) With gratitude for your questions…

    • Mary
      Mary says:

      I get a picture of Dorothy clicking the heels of her ruby slippers saying, ” I believe in myself, I believe in myself” opening up possibility when I read this Mary.

  5. David Probst
    David Probst says:


    You posed a really open ended question that’s about as pointed as a pillow. But searching for an answer creates a sense of optimism. Personal growth is possible. We can learn how to make more meaningful contributions to our relationships with friends and family and to our communities


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