It’s February. Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Groundhog 600x400

Will you be leaping out of your burrow ready to go regardless of what you see? Or will you be diving back into the darkness for a bit more quiet restoration? I am pretty sure that the groundhogs around here will forecasting more snow and cold. It has been a wild, wacky winter. And yet, the cold and snowy weather has been invigorating for me. I love wearing my beautiful turtlenecks, sweaters and scarves. I look forward to my outdoor winter adventures whether it is walking to the bus stop on a snowy day or clicking in to my cross country skis to hit the trails.

The sunny days are so much brighter with fresh layer of pure white snow. The beautiful, brilliant blue sky against the white, frosted trees really lifts your spirit. Now you know why I live in Minnesota.

Whether you are invigorated or discouraged by the groundhog’s predictions, I hope that you will join me for some learning and fun this month.  Let me infuse you with sparkling sense of wonder that winter brings me!

With snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes,


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