How did your 2014 wrap up?

Driving on an empty road towards the mountains and setting sun

How did your 2014 wrap up? Did you race at breakneck pace and slide full speed into home plate at last? VICTORY; I made it! Or maybe you floated like a leaf on a soft breeze, gently landing on the last days of the year? AHHH, how sweet it is! Every year it is a different story.

Last year went by very quickly. Even my kids were amazed that 2014 was coming to a close. I hope that means that we were so engrossed enjoying the everyday moments of life that we didn’t even notice the passage of time. During the holiday season, we thoroughly enjoyed a break in our regular routine. There was so much more time for sleeping in, cooking, sledding, and watching movies without work/school, meetings, and extra-curricular activities. I hope that you, too, enjoyed a pause in your routine.

I am looking forward to 2015. A New Year is like a blank page waiting to be filled. I don’t do resolutions, but I do find a theme for the year. One year my theme was “Yes, bring on the best!” Another year, “The answer always there, right away, no delay!” So far, the theme that is taking shape for my 2015 is something about ever-expanding love and happiness.

What is your theme for 2015? If you want some help crafting your theme for the year, call me for a special thirty-minute New Year coaching session for only $49. I would love the chance to help you pave the way to a fulfilling and satisfying year. (Contact me before Jan 31, 2015, for this special offer.)

Happy 2015,

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