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Five Practical Tips for Getting Stuff Done

Do you find yourself in a whirlwind – so many things to do and it doesn’t seem as though you are getting anything done? That’s when I can get cranky, irritable, and out of sorts. And that mood burns up any creative, productive energy that I really need to get things done! What helps to […]

Play To Your Strengths

You can be anything you want, if you just work hard enough. Hmmm, really? Most people figure out that “hard work” isn’t always enough to result in major success. I could never be a pro basketball player or ballet dancer no matter HOW hard I worked. And yet this is still a culturally accepted myth […]

Treat Yourself To A Minivacation

Want to join me for a summer vacation? Or as the pandemic made famous – a STAY-CATION – a vacation without leaving home! I love Stay-cations because I don’t need to pack a bag 😂😉 You know how it works: walk away from your office/kitchen, shut off your phone, log off the laptop, and spend […]

Gratitude: The Invisible Leadership Skill

These days, it’s common to hear about the importance of gratitude. It has a huge array of benefits. Some of those benefits include making you a happier person, helping you sleep better, lowering your blood pressure, and even strengthening your immune system according to a study by Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D. Did you know being […]

The Results: Part 4

The WHO I coach is perhaps the most inspiring part of my work. AND one more favorite part?! Experiencing the incredible transformations that my clients realize. I am regularly awed by the scope and magnitude of change my clients create and the growth in their capacity for courage, wisdom, resilience, and grace. One of many […]

Who I Coach: Part 3

We talked about the WHAT of my coaching work. You learned about the HOW of my coaching work. Now let’s get to one of the most inspiring parts: WHO I coach. My clients are changemakers yearning for balance, not burnout. Does this describe you? You’re a “smart cookie” — maybe from book learning but mostly […]

HOW I Coach: Part 2

Even though I’m a coach who is a cheerleader for positivity and possibility, I know that LIFE IS HARD — it isn’t always sunshine and butterflies and unicorns and rainbows. The old saying April showers bring May flowers is an apt analogy for life and coaching. We all have gray, rainy days and thunderstorms that […]

My Work as Coach: Part 1

My April theme of the month is Showers and Flowers. This month always gets me thinking about the powerful transformation that happens between April showers and May flowers. Those gloomy, rainy days create the bursting blossoms of Spring. And these Spring words of change, transformation, blossoming, and growing are so rooted in what I do […]

PQ: My Newest Tool for Mental Fitness

We’re in an auspicious time – the beginning of a brand-new year! Hopefully you’ve crafted a fresh set of intentions, goals, and/or resolutions to inspire and support you in 2022. Did you put YOU at the top of that list? No doubt you want to bring the best of yourself to your challenges, circumstances, and […]


I love December. It’s a month of contrasts. There is the frenzied energy of year-end activities and holiday celebrations.  And then because we only have 6 hours of daylight — there is the quiet energy of HIBERNATING — tucking in under a warm blanket with a mug of hot cocoa for a low key evening. […]