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Take a Break

How’s your summer unfolding? My family embarked on an exciting adventure to Costa Rica this month. I hope that you are taking time off and enjoying a break from your regular routine. If you don’t have a summer break scheduled, then set aside some time for you and take a mini-vacation! Pura vida,

Green and Growing

“June is bustin’ out all over!” Ever wonder where that came from? Check out this video link. It is almost 9 minutes long but if you like a big song and dance number, you will love this! I am looking forward to the “bustin’ out” activity of June. It is SUMMER and that means all […]

Leo Olk Miller: Our Forever Baby

            Seventeen years ago today, I joined a tribe I didn’t know existed. On May 14, 1998, with broken hearts, my husband and I welcomed our full term stillborn son, Leo Olk Miller into the world. We were devastated. We knew that his spirit had left his body before he […]

Busy as a Bee

Exciting news from Coach Olk HQ! My new product, Activating Your Inner Champion, was one of 3 featured products in CHOICE, The Magazine of Professional Coaching. WOW! I am speechless. I’m sure I’ll recover soon and be blabbing about it all over the place. Stay tuned and in the meantime, click here to read about it. May […]

Spring is Sprouting

April is here and soon the signs of Spring will be sprouting everywhere! The excitement of this season puts a smile on everyone’s face and lightens our steps. I hope that you are enjoying the delights that Spring can bring — even through the snowflakes. I am looking forward to sharing my delightful friend and coaching colleague, Judy […]

Planting the Seeds of Spring

Isn’t it great to have so much more daylight this time of year? Excitement is in the air and signs of spring are beginning to sprout. I am planting lots of seeds this month. 1.  I am thrilled to be sharing my Inner Champion audio learning program with the world! Now that the audios and journals are […]

How’s your New Year unfolding so far? My year is starting out like a race horse bursting out of the starting gate and galloping away at break neck speed! It’s all good, exciting stuff that is happening. The most thrilling part of my ride is the release of my new audio program: Activating Your Inner […]

How did your 2014 wrap up?

How did your 2014 wrap up? Did you race at breakneck pace and slide full speed into home plate at last? VICTORY; I made it! Or maybe you floated like a leaf on a soft breeze, gently landing on the last days of the year? AHHH, how sweet it is! Every year it is a different story. […]

Your Comfort Zone

Mary says: “My job as a coach is to challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, to try something different to help you land in that space of what’s right and true for you. Sometimes the challenge is one of tenderness and gentleness. That same client can at times require the drill sergeant who […]