April Showers Brought SNOW!

So the April showers brought SNOW. Now, May 1st brings a Winter Weather Advisory. The tulips are wearing sweaters!

Yellow flowers in the snow

Even though the snowflakes are flying, the trees are budding, the flowers are blossoming, and the grass is turning green. Spring is unfolding steadily each day. May is an exciting and busy time.

I am thrilled to be co-hosting another round of the Inner Champion Series with fellow master coach Helen House. MORE INFORMATION HERE!

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Join me for some fun!


Ask the Coach

Here are a few questions I planned to tackle on my teleclass today:


It is a partnership dedicated to accomplishing personal and professional goals. Every coaching partnership is uniquely designed to facilitate learning, development and change.


Once goals are defined and the working relationship is built, each client brings their situation, dilemma, project details to

the coaching conversation. The coach listens deeply and asks provocative, open ended questions that facilitate “AH- HA” moments. Once a client makes a discovery, the coach and client look for the meaningful ways to put that learning into action. Then, as a team, they create structures that will hold the client accountable to what it is s/he wants to accomplish.  Bottom line, effective coaching is AWARENESS, ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY!


Do you have a goal you want to accomplish?

Are you ready to make a change?

Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone?

Do you believe that learning is critical to successful action?

Do you have the resources (time, money, self-

esteem, support people) to invest in the process of change?

Do you have a sense of humor?

If you answered YES to those questions, then you are ready for coaching!

There are so many more questions people ask me!  If you have a question, post it in the comment section below and I will answer as soon as I can. Can’t wait to learn your questions.

Enjoy your day!


What Really Matters Most To You?

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