Intuition: Your Most Overlooked Secret For Success




This is the guidance my intuition is offering me in these cold, dark December days.

I got my first formal education about intuition while training to be a coach. The more I learned about intuition, the more I realized that I’d been relying on it for a long time–and that we’re all using it constantly. That’s right – everyone uses their intuition – even you!

Cultivating intuition is a primary goal for me as a coach. Your intuition is a powerful tool for being confident and effective in work and life. Every successful person I know relies on intuition just as often as they use other trusted advisors like financial advisors, attorneys or medical professionals.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is a deep inner knowing. It’s a natural capacity we’re all born with like our sense of taste and smell or our capacity for language. We’re always unconsciously receiving data and allowing our conscious mind to interpret that data. Sometimes the information is subtle, sometime quite blatant. Unfortunately, we’ve been trained to disregard these messages. I invite you to cultivate your ability to perceive and process the information your intuition is giving you every day.

How Does Intuition Communicate With Us?

It’s different for everyone. We each have our unique personal style, and intuition reveals itself through a variety of channels. Here’s how Nancy Rosanoff in her book Intuition Workout describes it:

Intuition via the mental channel conveys images, symbols and words. You may experience it as persistent thoughts and hunches. You may be tempted to dismiss it as something you are making up. It may feel like past experiences or memories.

Intuition via the emotional channel manifests as feelings and emotions which you can’t explain. You like or don’t like something and you can’t articulate why. The feeling may be vague or specific, but they’re usually right.

Sometimes the information comes to us as physical sensations — the kinesthetic channel. Your signals may be tingling skin, goose bumps or agitation and restlessness.. You know the sensation is comfortable or uncomfortable and can’t explain it.

Intuition: A Priceless Tool

Your intuition sends you information through all of these channels every day.

Which channel is clearest for you?

How will you cultivate your intuition muscle?

What price do you pay for dismissing this powerful advisor?

When you develop and strengthen your ability to perceive the information your intuition sends, you cultivate a powerful and trusted advisor for success that dwells within you. It really isn’t a secret!