Take a Break from Your Routine

This month, in lieu of my usual tele class, I am offering an opportunity of a different sort. On June 12th, I challenge you to walk away from your office, shut off your smart phone, log off the laptop, and spend one hour doing something that gives you joy and pause.  From 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Central time, take some time away from your routine and enjoy being unplugged.

Register here for the challenge to keep you accountable to your mini-vacation!

Mary CO Vacation 4I want to hear from you! Before the event, during the hour, or after your mini-vacation, please post in the comments below what you enjoyed for the hour (or make it more, if you so desire!). I also encourage you to post your photos and description to social media with the hashtag #MiniVacation so we can all follow the conversation together.

Happy vacationing!

Mary’s Monthly Memo, April 2014

Spring is finally pushing Old Man Winter out of the way. It’s Blossom Time! Click here to read more.


Mary’s Monthly Memo, March 2014

My March newsletter was all about March Forth! Click here to read it.

It’s February. Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Groundhog 600x400

Will you be leaping out of your burrow ready to go regardless of what you see? Or will you be diving back into the darkness for a bit more quiet restoration? I am pretty sure that the groundhogs around here will forecasting more snow and cold. It has been a wild, wacky winter. And yet, the cold and snowy weather has been invigorating for me. I love wearing my beautiful turtlenecks, sweaters and scarves. I look forward to my outdoor winter adventures whether it is walking to the bus stop on a snowy day or clicking in to my cross country skis to hit the trails.

The sunny days are so much brighter with fresh layer of pure white snow. The beautiful, brilliant blue sky against the white, frosted trees really lifts your spirit. Now you know why I live in Minnesota.

Whether you are invigorated or discouraged by the groundhog’s predictions, I hope that you will join me for some learning and fun this month.  Let me infuse you with sparkling sense of wonder that winter brings me!

With snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes,



What Is Possible?

Please share your answers to this month’s question by using the comment section below!

How Undauntable Are You?

Please share your answers to this month’s question by using the comment section below!

March 4th – March Forth!

March 4th is my friend and colleague Cheryl Leitschuh’s  favorite date because it is more than a date – It is a call to ACTION! This year, I am celebrating this call to action by starting a unique Coaching Class: Get Good at Living for young adults who are ready to move beyond surviving to thriving. During this 4 month interactive and action oriented program we will create the mental, emotional and physical strength needed to sustain positive change.

DON’T DELAY – There are less than 2 weeks left to join me for an inspiring and practical program that will teach you the positive life skills to GET GOOD AT LIVING! 

If you are ready to MARCH FORTH and THRIVE, click here  to get more information and register.

Can’t wait to hear from you,



Meet the Gremlin Tamer February 9

“Your gremlin is the sleazy malcontent lurking in the shadows of your very own mind. Left to do his thing, he’ll zap your health, foul up your relationships, dampen your creativity and send you tumbling into low-down funks and anxious fits.”

Would you like to learn more about Taming Your Gremlin® directly from the man who created the popular and powerful Gremlin-Taming Method?

Then join me on Feb. 9! Rick Carson will be my guest for The Growing Edge Free Teleclass.

Rick is the author of Taming Your Gremlin® (and 3 other books). Visit the Gremlin Taming Institute to learn more about his work.

We’re looking forward to a lively and highly interactive half hour. Any personal, interpersonal or client-related issue is grist for the mill, so come with your questions and be prepared to participate!

Talk to you soon!


New Year – Now What?!

Happy 2012!
What is your tradition for welcoming the New Year? Some people PARTY. Some people make resolutions. I like to do something inspiring and long lasting – I create an INTENTION for the year!

What is an intention?
How is it different than a resolution or goal?
How do I create something that lasts the whole year?

Join me on January 12th and find out. Come to The Growing Edge FREE teleclass and create an inspiring personal intention for 2012. Who knows, maybe we will start a new tradition for welcoming the New Year.

To reserve your spot on the call, simply click on button below.

I am looking forward to hearing your voice on the call!

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The Importance of Retreat

“When was the last time you went on retreat?”

When my friend and retreat coach Michelle Burns asked me that question, I was stumped.  Who me? I couldn’t possibly take time for a retreat. I have too many projects to do and looming work deadlines.  Our household routine is jammed with homework, soccer, piano, chores.  Where would I find the time?

BAM!  It hit me — I really could benefit from a retreat!

Join me on November 10th when I host a conversation with Retreat Coach Michelle Burns, CEO and founder of Design Your Destiny.  We will visit the importance of retreat and treat you to a mini-retreat.  Come explore this innovative, counter-cultural tool that will inspire your growing edge.

AND — we will be share details about our upcoming VIRTUAL RETREAT for RENEWAL — which we will be hosting on November 20th.


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