I want every one of my clients to make a conscious, empowered choice in alignment with what is right and true for them.

– Coach Mary Olk

Find the Right Partner

Accountability is what makes coaching successful: Did I do what I said I was going to do? The coach is an accountability partner who will check in on how well are you making progress to your goal. Not only did you do your homework, but are you learning? I call it multi-dimensional accountability.

Or, as client puts it: “It’s not about an academic kind of experience. It’s more about ‘This is your life, and choose the growing edge that you want,’ between sessions. It’s about you and how you want to be stretching yourself. It’s about you and how that is going.”

In coaching as in other life relationships, fit matters! Whether you’re someone who needs homework or hand-holding to boldly take those next steps toward the transformation you seek, I can structure your coaching sessions and hold you accountable in ways that work for you. Contact me for a sample session or to find out more about the coaching process with me.

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