I want every one of my clients to make a conscious, empowered choice in alignment with what is right and true for them.

– Coach Mary Olk

Get unstuck

Awareness is the first step to change. Most people know when they are stuck or unsure what’s next in their personal life or professional life. Yet they may not be aware of what needs to change. I can help you identify those areas and name them.

But awareness alone—without action and accountability—won’t achieve the change you seek. As your coach, I can help you move beyond awareness of what you want, thinking and dreaming about what you want, to doing what you want.

Here’s how one of my clients describes how I work: “Mary can sense what is being unspoken, and she has a really strong intuition about how to help you push past your own noise in your brain and get clear about stuff.”

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Three words for Mary:
Real, grounded, thought-provoking.
– Dayle